Rodeo Queens




A rodeo queen is a female representative and the “face” of the sport of rodeo. She represents her rodeo, association, and region for a standard time of usually 12 months and is required to wear a cowboy hat, crown, and sash with her title on it. Being a Meridian Lions Rodeo queen requires skills in western style horse riding, public speaking, rodeo knowledge, appearance, and personality.

Our Rodeo Queens spend their time professionally representing their title at various rodeos, parades, public events, radio interviews, school events, and charity events that support our Meridian Lions Club. Our Focus is in line with the motto of Lions International: “We Serve”, The Meridian Lions Queens attempt to meet some of the special and pressing needs of our community, as well as that of the larger world community.





Meridian Lions Queen Director:

Stevie Beehler